LaTasha Kenley on Integrated Marketing Communications

Marketers using Multi-screen campaigns

Lexus Case Study “The Other Side of Lexus” connected ads put consumers in the driver seat.

To engage 25–34 year old men and promote its F Series performance vehicles, Lexus partnered with Team One and Microsoft to launch an innovative multi-screen campaign called “The Other Side of Lexus”. In this Creative Sequencing, Seth a car and sport enthusiast, begins the first part of Lexus’s extreme sport series “Ride with the Other Me” on one screen, then is able to follow a progressive story of adrenaline-pumping adventures, including sky diving, cliff jumping, and stunt driving, across different devices throughout the day, each time picking up where the series left off. The campaign culminates in a full-screen experience where Seth can watch more videos and explore the high-performance Lexus F Series. Take a look!

Lexus used this innovative multi-screen campaign to build relationships with millennial men and succeeded…

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