Launched five months ago, the mobile-video application Vine is quickly becoming more popular than its photo-sharing counterpart Instagram! After a week on Android (released at the end of May) Vine had 2.86 million shares on Twitter. This number surpassed those of Instagram, which had roughly 2.17 million shares.

Vine allows users to record up to six seconds of video that can be quickly shared on social-media sites, especially Twitter, which owns Vine. Vines are played directly on Twitter and currently is the second most popular free application in the Iphone App Store.









More and more businesses are finding interesting ways to embed vines into their social-media posts, such as recording short messages about a product or service, or recording an event, or even making a vine to highlight a story. The occasional video of a business owner with his or her family on the weekend or enjoying a sporting event or hobby could serve to humanize a business owner, who most clients/customers know only in a professional setting.



No longer will brands look at YouTube as the only option for posting user-created content – Vine will inevitably play a role in social media and video marketing moving forward.